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Unicorn Hair Wig

This unicorn hair wig collection is great with its subtle and not-so-subtle strands of colors. The unicorn hair color wig collection is great for a fairy as well in case you have any enchanted friends. Use these wigs in unicorn colors as part of a cosplay outfit, Halloween costume and for special occasions. The pink, purple, blue and other colors of this unicorn wig collection make them fun and unique.

This unicorn color hair wig collection is made of synthetic hair of course...no actual unicorns were harmed. The unicorn hair color wigs are just some of many Unicorn Shops products that can be used for a Halloween costume, cosplay outfits or any other special occasion like birthday party, girls night out, etc. 

Not only do we have this unicorn hair color wig collection, we have 100's of unicorn products. We have one of the largest selection of unicorn merchandise and this is why Unicorn Shops is possibly the best website to find and buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend of family member.