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Lily the Fairy Finds Our Secret Unicorn Products Website

A fairy discovered our e-commerce website that has been kept a closely guarded secret. The Unicorn Shops website was hidden in plain site on the world wide web to protect the unicorns and went undiscovered until now.

The fairy was rumored to be so surprised with finding the Unicorn Shops e-commerce website that she created a video on the internet describing some of the secret details. Lily, the name of the fairy, is believed to explain how our secret unicorn website is specifically dedicated to mythical and magical horned horses. Lily the Fairy supposedly goes on to mention in her video that the Unicorn Shops web store might have the largest variety of unicorn products for a website dedicated to only unicorns.

Obviously we were so surprised our unicorn merchandise website was found, it has been a well-guarded secret. But when we learned Unicorn Shops was discovered Lily the fairy looking for her lost horned horse friend on the internet, it made perfect sense. We urge unicorn lovers to help keep the Unicorn Shops website a secret as long as possible to help protect the unicorns from being disturbed.